The mission of Prepare to Care – Emergency Companions, LLC is for people to get the care they are entitled to and prefer. We have over 30 years of experience offering valuable guidance in the aging process for seniors in Palm Beach County.

The best time to call is before there is a crisis.

The next best time to call is if you find yourself in a crisis or dissatisfied with the current care you or your loved one is experiencing. It's never too late to connect with us.

So, what can Prepare to Care do for you?

Be Your Lifeline

No one should navigate a medical emergency alone. We'll be by your side, providing the support and communication needed during a crisis.

Provide Smooth Transitions

Leaving the hospital can be daunting. We'll provide the expertise needed to ensure a safe and informed discharge.

Coordinate and Provide Care & Resources

Each situation has its own complexities and challenges. We'll work to connect you to the resources available for your circumstances, including providing care management.

Demystify Long-Term Care

Long-term care policies can be complicated. We'll simplify the process, so you’ll know when and how to use your policy effectively.

Empower Decision-Making

Facing tough choices? We’ll help you and your family make informed decisions with safety and dignity in mind.

Shedding Light on End-of-Life Care

Discussing end-of-life care is essential for clarifying and communicating your wishes. We’ll help you explore your choices for care and make sure your advanced directives are readily available, as well as support your family in honoring them.

Your Reliable Backup

Are you the primary caregiver? It’s critical to have a plan in case something happens to you. We’ll create a plan together, so you have backup in place for peace of mind.

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There is no one RoadMap for aging. That's why Prepare to Care – Emergency Companions, LLC is here to help.

No One Should Have to Go to the Hospital Alone!