Carole Hirsch BCPA Prepare to Care Emergency Companions

A person who has someone to help them face a crisis will use different coping strategies than someone who is alone. With a compassionate, knowledgeable companion a person will likely have a better outcome.

Prepare to Care  - Emergency Companions, LLC, is the idea of Carole Hirsch, a patient advocate who has been providing care for family, neighbors and clients since 1994. In 2013 Carole completed the Alfus Healthcare Advocacy Certificate Program from University of Miami. Having helped the frail and elderly in Palm Beach County for 25 years, her mission is to help people age and transition with dignity and grace.
Carole has created an affordable way for people who are basically healthy to have someone by their side in a medical crisis. The service also supports caregivers. If a caregiver has a crisis, there will be someone to advocate for the caregiver and to help manage their caregiving responsibilities.  

No one should face a medical crisis by themselves

Did you know that an adverse effect resulting from medical treatment is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer?

And did you know fewer than half of baby boomers are knowledgeable about their parents' medical histories and 49% are unable to name any of the medications their parents take every day? In an emergency, such information is vital to ensuring proper care!

Also, in many ERs and hospitals, the staff is pulled in multiple directions at once. ​

​A compassionate, knowledgeable advocate can help reduce the chance that you or your loved one will be overlooked or that something unfortunate will happen, and will increase the likelihood of a better outcome.

a model of a heart next to a stethoscope

With a plan, you will have access to a companion any time you have a medical emergency in Palm Beach County.

24 - 7 Patient Advocate available in Palm Beach County

No One Should Have to Go to the Hospital Alone!